Does Biba Deliver to the USA?

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Does Biba Deliver to the USA


With the rise of online shopping, more and more people are turning to international retailers to find unique and stylish clothing. Biba, a popular fashion brand known for its Indian ethnic wear, has gained significant popularity in recent years. As an American shopper, you may be wondering if Biba delivers to the USA. In this article, we will explore whether Biba ships internationally and specifically if they have delivery services for customers residing in the United States.

International Shipping Policy

Before diving into the specifics, it is important to note that Biba does indeed offer international shipping. They understand the global demand for their products and have made efforts to reach customers worldwide. This is great news for fashion enthusiasts residing outside of India, including those in the USA.

Delivery Services to the USA

While Biba does provide international shipping, it is essential to determine if they have dedicated delivery services for customers in the USA. Fortunately, Biba recognizes the American market’s significance and offers shipping services specifically for the United States.

Shipping Options and Charges

When placing an order with Biba for delivery in the USA, customers have several shipping options to choose from. The timeframe for delivery typically ranges between 7-10 business days, depending on the shipping method selected. It’s important to note that during peak seasons or global events, there may be slight delays. Therefore, it is recommended to place an order well in advance to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.

In terms of charges, Biba bases its shipping fee on the weight and dimensions of the package. It is advisable to check the estimated shipping costs on their website or during the checkout process before finalizing the order. While international shipping can be slightly more expensive compared to domestic shipping, it is worth noting that Biba’s products are often affordable, making the overall cost of your purchase still reasonable.

Customs and Duties

When ordering from an international retailer like Biba, it is important to consider customs and duties that may be applicable to your shipment. As a customer in the USA, you should be aware that the package may be subject to additional charges imposed by customs authorities. These charges are separate from the shipping fee paid to Biba and depend on the value of the items being imported. It is advised to familiarize yourself with your country’s customs policies to avoid any surprises upon delivery.

Returns and Exchanges

In the event that you receive a product that doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements, Biba offers a hassle-free returns and exchange policy. However, it’s important to note that return shipping costs will generally be the responsibility of the customer. To ensure a smooth and successful return or exchange process, it is recommended to carefully read Biba’s specific return policy, which can be found on their website.


In conclusion, Biba does deliver to the USA. As an international fashion brand, Biba has recognized the demand from American customers and provides dedicated shipping services to the United States. By offering several shipping options, they try to accommodate various customer needs. However, it’s important to consider potential customs and duties charges that may apply when ordering from an international retailer. With Biba’s hassle-free returns and exchange policy, customers can feel confident in their purchases. So, if you’re in the USA and looking to update your wardrobe with stylish ethnic wear from Biba, you can enjoy the convenience of international shipping to get your desired fashion pieces delivered right to your doorstep.

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