Does Mercari Deliver to the USA?

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Mercari is a popular online marketplace known for its wide range of products at affordable prices. However, for buyers in the United States, one lingering question remains: does Mercari deliver to the USA? In this article, we will delve into the details to provide a clear answer to this burning question.

Understanding Mercari’s Operations

Before addressing whether Mercari delivers to the USA, it is important to understand how the platform operates. Mercari functions as a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers who can list and purchase items directly from one another. Unlike traditional online retailers, Mercari is not directly involved in the shipping and delivery process. This means that a seller’s location plays a crucial role in determining whether an item can be delivered to the USA.

Shipping Within the USA

While Mercari does not offer direct delivery services, the platform does support shipping within the USA. Sellers on Mercari have the option to ship items domestically, making it possible for buyers located within the country to receive their purchases. This means that buyers in the USA can confidently make purchases on Mercari, knowing that they have the opportunity to receive their items from domestic sellers.

International Shipping on Mercari

Despite its domestic shipping options, Mercari does not have a dedicated international shipping program. This means that sellers on Mercari may not always be willing or able to ship items to the USA from overseas locations. However, this does not imply that all international shipments are compromised. Many sellers on Mercari are open to shipping internationally, including to the USA, but it ultimately depends on each individual seller’s preferences and logistics.

How to Identify International Sellers

As a buyer on Mercari, it is important to be able to identify international sellers if you are specifically looking for items of international origin. Mercari provides various features to help buyers filter and identify international sellers and their listings. When viewing an item’s details, you can check the seller’s location, which will indicate whether they are based within or outside of the USA. This visibility allows buyers to make informed decisions and choose sellers who are likely to ship internationally.

Alternatives for International Shoppers

For international shoppers who are interested in purchasing items from international sellers on Mercari, there are alternative options available. Third-party package forwarding services can provide a solution by acting as an intermediary between the seller and buyer. These services assign a US-based address to international shoppers, allowing them to receive their packages at this address before being forwarded to their international destination. This can be a convenient option for those seeking access to Mercari’s international offerings.


In conclusion, Mercari does support shipping within the USA, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase from domestic sellers without any concerns. However, international shipping on Mercari depends on the individual seller’s willingness and ability to ship internationally. While international shoppers may face limitations, there are alternative options such as package forwarding services that can enable them to access Mercari’s international marketplace. Despite not directly offering international shipping, Mercari remains a valuable online marketplace for buyers in the USA and beyond.

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