Does Nasty Gal Deliver to the USA?

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Nasty Gal, the renowned online fashion retailer, has gained a massive following for its trendy and edgy clothing options. With its sleek designs and bold statements, it’s no wonder that fashion enthusiasts around the world are eager to get their hands on Nasty Gal products. However, one question that often arises among potential customers is whether Nasty Gal delivers to the USA. In this article, we delve into this query to provide a clear and comprehensive answer.

The Answer: Yes, Nasty Gal Delivers to the USA

If you are residing in the United States, you’ll be pleased to know that Nasty Gal does indeed ship its products to the USA. Regardless of where you’re situated within the country, be it bustling New York City or laid-back California, Nasty Gal takes great pride in delivering its fashion-forward merchandise right to your doorstep. This allows American customers to enjoy the latest fashion trends without any hassles.

How does Nasty Gal Deliver to the USA?

Nasty Gal utilizes an efficient and reliable delivery system to cater to its customers’ needs in the USA. When you place an order on their website, Nasty Gal’s dedicated team promptly processes it for shipment. They partner with renowned international carriers to ensure swift and secure delivery. From the moment your package leaves the Nasty Gal warehouse, you can track its journey until it arrives at your desired location in the USA.

Delivery Times and Costs

When it comes to delivery times, Nasty Gal strives to provide the best possible service. The exact duration of delivery depends on several factors, including the selected shipping method and your specific location within the USA. Nasty Gal offers various shipping options, such as standard shipping, express shipping, and even next-day delivery for those who can’t wait to don their new Nasty Gal outfits. The shipping costs associated with each method are clearly specified during the checkout process, allowing customers to make an informed decision based on their preferences and urgency.

Return Policy

In the event that you need to return an item purchased from Nasty Gal, the company maintains a customer-friendly return policy for its USA-based customers. With Nasty Gal’s hassle-free returns, you can send back any unwanted items within a specified window, usually 14 to 30 days from the date of purchase. It’s important to note that certain restrictions might apply, such as items being in their original condition with all tags attached. However, Nasty Gal’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that this process is relatively straightforward, making it easier for you to shop with confidence.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering whether Nasty Gal delivers to the USA, the answer is a resounding yes. With their efficient delivery system, Nasty Gal ensures that fashion enthusiasts across the United States can enjoy their stylish and trendy products. From New York to Los Angeles, customers can rely on Nasty Gal to provide timely deliveries and an excellent shopping experience. So, why wait? If you’re in the USA, go ahead and explore the vast collection offered by Nasty Gal – your fashion-forward wardrobe awaits!

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