Does Nintendo Japan Deliver to the USA?

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Nintendo is a beloved video game company that has brought joy and entertainment to millions of people around the world. With its headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan, many fans wonder if they can have Nintendo products delivered directly to their doorstep, especially those residing in the United States. In this article, we will explore whether Nintendo Japan delivers its products to the USA and provide insights into the delivery process.

Does Nintendo Japan Deliver to the USA?

Nintendo Japan does not directly deliver its products to customers outside of Japan, including the United States. Nintendo operates through different regional divisions to accommodate its global customer base. Nintendo of America is responsible for selling Nintendo products within the United States, including all hardware and software released by the company.

Understanding Regional Differences

Nintendo follows a region-based system in which games and consoles are often tailored to specific markets. This is due to differences in language, content censorship, and cultural preferences. Consequently, Nintendo releases different versions of its products in various regions, such as North America, Europe, and Japan. The regional divisions ensure that the games and consoles are compatible with the specific region’s gaming consoles and meet the appropriate language requirements.

Purchasing Nintendo Products

To purchase Nintendo products in the United States, customers can visit authorized retailers, both physical stores and online platforms. These retailers work closely with Nintendo of America to bring the latest games and consoles to the market. Additionally, customers can directly order from Nintendo’s official website, where they can find a range of Nintendo products and accessories.

Importing Nintendo Products from Japan

Although Nintendo Japan does not offer direct delivery to the United States, some individuals may consider importing games or consoles from Japanese retailers. However, it is essential to understand the potential challenges and considerations associated with this process.

Language and Compatibility

One significant hurdle when importing Nintendo products from Japan is the language barrier. Japanese games and consoles are typically in Japanese or have limited language options. Therefore, it is crucial to check the language compatibility of games and consoles before purchasing them from Japanese retailers.

Price and Delivery

Importing Nintendo products from Japan may also come with additional costs. Customers should consider shipping fees and any potential customs duties or taxes associated with the import process. Furthermore, international shipping can sometimes be slower compared to domestic deliveries.

Nintendo’s Global Presence

It is important to note that Nintendo is well aware of its global fanbase and strives to cater to customers’ needs worldwide. While regional divisions manage and distribute products to specific countries, Nintendo aims to ensure a variety of games and consoles are available across different markets. This means customers in the United States can expect to find a wide selection of Nintendo products adapted and localized for their region.


Although Nintendo Japan does not directly deliver its products to the United States, Nintendo of America handles the distribution of Nintendo products in the USA. Customers can purchase Nintendo games and consoles from authorized retailers and Nintendo’s official website. While importing products from Japan may be an option, it is essential to consider potential challenges, such as language compatibility and additional costs. Overall, Nintendo’s commitment to its global fanbase ensures that customers in different regions, including the USA, can enjoy the timeless magic of Nintendo gaming.

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