Does Oh Polly Deliver to the USA?

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Oh Polly is a well-known online fashion retailer that has gained popularity for its trendy and unique clothing options. However, if you are located in the United States, you may be wondering if Oh Polly delivers to your area. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Oh Polly delivers to the USA and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Does Oh Polly Deliver to the USA?

Many fashion enthusiasts in the USA have fallen in love with Oh Polly’s stylish and fashion-forward clothes. The good news is that Oh Polly does offer international shipping, including to the USA. This means that you can enjoy their stunning outfits no matter where you are in the country. Whether you live in bustling cities like New York or Los Angeles or in more rural areas, Oh Polly strives to deliver their items to customers across the nation.

How Does Oh Polly Deliver to the USA?

Oh Polly partners with various international courier services to ensure that their packages reach customers in the USA. Depending on your location, the designated courier service may differ. Once you place an order on the Oh Polly website, your package will be prepared for shipment. It will then be handed over to the courier for delivery to your address in the USA.

Is There a Delivery Fee?

Yes, there is a delivery fee when you order from Oh Polly and have it delivered to the USA. The exact amount depends on factors like the weight of your package and your location within the country. To find out the delivery fee applicable to your order, you can simply add items to your cart on the Oh Polly website and proceed to the checkout. The delivery fee will be displayed along with the total cost of your purchase.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

The duration of the delivery process can vary depending on your location in the USA. Oh Polly aims to deliver all orders as quickly as possible, but delivery times can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. It is also important to keep in mind that the estimated delivery time may be affected by customs clearance processes and any unforeseen delays caused by external factors.

Are Customs and Import Duties Applicable?

When ordering from Oh Polly and having your items delivered to the USA, you may be required to pay customs and import duties. These fees are determined by the customs authorities in the USA and are the responsibility of the customer. It is important to check with your local customs office for information on the charges that may apply to your order.


If you have been eyeing those fabulous Oh Polly outfits but were unsure if they deliver to the USA, worry no more. Oh Polly does offer international shipping to the USA, making their trendy and fashionable clothing accessible to customers across the country. Just keep in mind that there will be a delivery fee and the delivery time may vary. Additionally, customs and import duties may apply, so it is always a good idea to be aware of these potential charges. With this information, you can confidently place your order with Oh Polly and enjoy their stunning clothing options right at your doorstep in the USA.

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