Does Shopee Singapore Deliver to the USA?

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Shopee, a popular online platform in Singapore, has taken the e-commerce market by storm, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. As an American shopper, you may wonder if Shopee Singapore delivers to the USA. In this article, we will explore this question and provide you with all the information you need.

Does Shopee Singapore deliver to the USA?

Unfortunately, Shopee Singapore does not offer direct shipping to the USA. As of now, they primarily focus on serving customers within Singapore and a few Southeast Asian countries. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fantastic deals and unique products available on Shopee’s platform.

Using Forwarding Services

To overcome the limitation of Shopee Singapore not delivering to the USA, you can utilize international forwarding services. These services act as middlemen, allowing you to ship your purchases to their local address in Singapore, and then forwarding them to your US address. Companies like comGateway and vPost are well-known options for such services.

How do forwarding services work?

Firstly, you need to sign up with a forwarding service provider and obtain a unique local address in Singapore. Then, when you make a purchase on Shopee Singapore, you simply input this local address as your shipping address. Once the packages arrive at the forwarding service’s warehouse in Singapore, they will consolidate your items (if necessary) and ship them to you in the USA.

Costs and considerations

It’s essential to consider the costs associated with using a forwarding service. These services charge fees for receiving, repackaging, and shipping your items. Additionally, you should keep in mind both the time it takes for items to arrive at the forwarding service’s warehouse and the time it takes for them to be delivered to your US address. Shipping costs may also vary depending on the weight and dimensions of your package.

Benefits of using forwarding services

While using forwarding services adds extra steps and costs to your online shopping experience, it also opens up a world of possibilities. By taking advantage of these services, you gain access to Shopee’s vast product selection, including items that may not be easily found or available in the USA. Additionally, you can benefit from the competitive prices and occasional discounts found on Shopee’s platform.

Shopping tips

When using a forwarding service to shop on Shopee Singapore, it’s crucial to research and compare different service providers. Look for established companies with good customer reviews, transparent pricing structures, and reliable delivery options. It’s also wise to familiarize yourself with the return and refund policies of both Shopee Singapore and the forwarding service provider to ensure a smooth shopping experience.


While Shopee Singapore does not directly deliver to the USA, you can still access its vast product range and excellent deals by utilizing international forwarding services. These services act as intermediaries, allowing you to ship your purchases to a local address in Singapore and then forwarding them to your US address. Although there may be additional costs and considerations, the opportunity to access unique products and enjoy competitive prices makes it worth exploring. So, go forth and enjoy the shopping experience on Shopee Singapore, with the assistance of forwarding services, bringing the joy of online shopping right to your doorstep.

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