Does Wayland Games Deliver to the USA?

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Wayland Games is a renowned online retailer of board games, miniatures, and hobby supplies. With its vast selection and competitive prices, many enthusiasts wonder if they deliver to the USA. In this article, we will explore whether Wayland Games delivers to the USA and provide insights into their shipping process and customer experience.

The Shipping Process

When it comes to delivering to the USA, Wayland Games indeed provides this service. They have implemented an efficient shipping process to ensure timely and secure delivery of their products across international borders. By partnering with reliable shipping carriers, they can offer their customers in the USA a hassle-free shopping experience.

Delivery Options

Wayland Games offers a range of delivery options to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. For customers in the USA, they provide both standard and express shipping methods. Standard shipping typically takes around 5-10 working days, while express shipping can expedite the delivery within 2-5 working days.

Shipping Fees

When it comes to shipping fees, Wayland Games bases its charges on the order value and weight. For customers in the USA, the shipping fees may vary depending on the specific items and the total order amount. It is worth noting that the delivery charges include both the shipping cost and any applicable customs fees, ensuring customers do not encounter unexpected expenses upon delivery.

Tracking and Insurance

To enhance the customer experience and provide peace of mind, Wayland Games offers tracking and insurance for orders heading to the USA. Customers will receive a tracking number that allows them to monitor the progress of their delivery. Additionally, insurance coverage protects against any potential damages or loss during transit, adding an extra layer of security for customers.

Customer Experience

Customers who have ordered from Wayland Games to the USA report positive experiences. Many commend their prompt and responsive customer service team, who are readily available to assist with any queries and concerns regarding the ordering and delivery process. The delivery times are generally within the estimated range, and the items are well-packaged to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

Cross-Border Considerations

When ordering from an international retailer like Wayland Games, it is important to consider any potential customs duties or taxes that may apply. These additional charges are typically imposed by the destination country and are beyond the control of the retailer. To avoid any surprises, customers are advised to familiarize themselves with their country’s import regulations and anticipate any associated costs.


As a leading online retailer, Wayland Games offers its vast collection of board games, miniatures, and hobby supplies to customers in the USA. Their efficient shipping process, variety of delivery options, and tracking and insurance services ensure a seamless shopping experience. With positive customer feedback and competitive shipping fees, Wayland Games is a reliable choice for USA-based enthusiasts looking to expand their board game collection or indulge in their hobby.

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